AGRAR-Übersetzer official media partner of UTW

AGRAR-Übersetzer and UsedTecWorld (UTW) announce close cooperation at Agritechnica. Therefore the international network of European agricultural publishing companies (UTW) connects with specialized translation service of the sector.

Markets are growing together and the development does not stop when it comes to agriculture. Aninternational business orientation is therefore important not only for manufacturers of agricultural machinery but also for dealers and other small and medium sized enterprises of the sector.

AGRAR-Übersetzer; UTW; AgritechnicaUsedTecWorld (UTW), the international network of 14 leading european agricultural publishing companies is through the commonly operated used equipment platforms such as or as well as through various offline projects such as the award „Machine of the Year“ already now deeply rooted in the european agricultural engineering industry. Regular necessary professional translations partially pose insurmountable challenges to general translation offices.

With AGRAR-Übersetzer UTW has found a strong and competentpartner. Originally from The Netherlands and nowadays located in Paderborn, Germany, the business holding eight full-time employees is specialized in the fields of agriculture and food. With a network of specialized professional translators and lecturers in more than 20 countries AGRAR-Überetzer covers a language portfolio of 30 languages in more than 50 language combinations. Translators always translate from a foreign language into their native language in order to be aible to obtaining and enforcing linguistic nuances. For the sake of quality assurance the company works with the six-eyes-principle. Every translation is being checked by two lecturers before texts are being sent out to the customer. Time-bound and reliable AGRAR-Übersetzer finishes translation jobs for websites, brochures, newsletter, software, product information, articles, special interest magazines, operating and installation instructions, contracts as well as general business conditions.